Vision, Mission and Goals


The Cain Center provides leadership in interdisciplinary educational research and practices that support and enhance literacy in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


The Cain Center conducts research and designs programs and interventions that strive to continually improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics teaching and learning in PK-16+.


The Cain Center...

  • Creates opportunities for research collaboration across disciplines with university faculty and K-12 practitioners to investigate, develop and implement strategies that enhance teaching and learning in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines.
  • Identifies, applies and disseminates research-based programs and practices that are replicable and lead to greater student learning and performance.
  • Promotes the teaching profession and builds capacity for successful teaching and learning through a variety of professional development and outreach projects.
  • Informs and educates policy-makers to influence policy that improves and supports the integration of teaching and learning in formal and non-formal education settings.

Gordon A. Cain Center, 222 Prescott Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803
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