Practice AP Calculus AB Exam

On April 20th, the Council of Pre-Service Teachers of Math and Science, with the support of the GeauxTeach Program, the Cain Center and the Department of Mathematics hosted a full-length Practice AP Calculus AB exam to prepare current calculus high schools for the real exam in May.

While their exams were being graded, the students explored LSU and had lunch at the newly renovated Student Union. At 2:30pm, the students returned to collect their scores and attend a Q&A session about major misconceptions on the test lead by Dr. Stephen Shipman of the Math Department.

In all, there were 52 students in attendance from Alexandria Senior High, Live Oak High, McKinley High, Parkview Baptist, Walker High and Woodlawn High. Of this, the top 5-scoring students were Dylan Ottea from McKinely High, Zack Webb from Live Oak High, Courtney Eades from Parkview Baptist, Clay Landry from Live Oak High, and Regina Tilley from Live Oak High.


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