Four Ways to Teach

You want to be a math or science teacher.
You just don't know it yet.
The LSU Cain Center has four ways to help you make it happen.

In this economy, the $70k job you hoped to land with your math, science or engineering degree might not be there when you graduate. And the idea of teaching has crossed your mind more than once. The Gordon A. Cain Center has four ways to get you into a classroom teaching high school math or science.


GeauxTeach gives freshmen and sophomore math and science majors the opportunity to pursue their degrees and secondary teacher certification at the same time. With GeauxTeach!, you won’t have to take additional hours since elective hours are used for education courses. Freshmen and sophomores can “test-drive” the program to see if they like it, while receiving $170 tuition reimbursement. When you finish GeauxTeach! you have your Louisiana teacher certification and are considered highly qualified. To get more information about GeauxTeach!, contact Sharon Besson at 225-578-6241 or email her at

Transition to Teaching

Transition to Teaching is available to recent college graduates and mid-career changers who have strong content knowledge in math and science. Transition to Teaching offers a seven-week training program that provides a foundation in education and instructional practices. As part of a U.S. Department of Education grant program, the training, valued at $5,800, is offered to selected participants for $1,600. In return, Transition to Teaching participants are required to teach in one of the partner school districts for three years, including Assumption, City of Baker, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, and West Baton Rouge. To learn more about Transition to Teaching, call Barbara Freiberg at 225-578-2029 or email her at

Central Louisiana Academic Residency for Teachers (CART)

CART (Central Louisiana Academic Residency for Teachers) - CART participants receive teacher preparation training, a free Masters of Natural Sciences degree and a $35,000 stipend while teaching in one of nine parishes in the Alexandria region. While graduates students, CART participants co-teach in a mentor teacher’s classroom four days a week and work on their master’s degrees and teacher certification one day. After completing the master’s degree, participants teach for three years with a full-time teacher's salary and benefits. The LSU Gordon A. Cain Center is recruiting math, science and engineering majors for the Summer 2010 cohort. The application deadline is April 2, 2010. Applications are also being taken for the Summer 2011 cohort. For applicants assessed as “outstanding” by CART staff, students will also be accepted into the program on a rolling basis. For more information about CART, click here or call Frank Neubrander at 225-578-7677 or email him at

Robert Noyce Scholarship

The Robert Noyce Scholarship is intended for graduating seniors majoring in the science, math or engineering fields and interested in pursuing a teaching career in mathematics or science via an approved alternative certification program. Ideal candidates demonstrate academic leadership characteristics as well as a desire to increase their knowledge of mathematics, science, and/or education. The value of the scholarship ranges from $12,600 to $15,000. Awardees must commit and sign a contract to teach for two years in a high need school district. Call James Madden at 225-578-7988 or email him at to get more information.

To fill out a Noyce Scholarship application, go to:


How do I determine which program is right for me?

Here’s how the programs compare and contrast, which might be useful in helping you decide which one is right for you.

GeauxTeach – If you are a freshman or sophomore math or science major who isn’t sure you want to teach but think you might, GeauxTeach is a good option. GeauxTeach gives you an opportunity to test drive the program. Almost immediately you will find yourself in a real classroom conducting demonstration lessons for real students. If you complete GeauxTeach, you will be certified to teach math or science in Louisiana. Many students who pursue GeauxTeach so they’ll have a “Plan B,” end up making teaching their “Plan A.” For the first two introductory courses, you will receive $170 each semester if you make grades of “C” or better.

Transition to Teaching – This program is for students who decide late in their college careers to become math or science teachers and want to teach in the Greater Baton Rouge area.

CART – CART is for students who are not in a teacher preparation program and are interested in pursuing a free Masters of Natural Sciences, while teaching in a rural setting.

Robert Noyce Scholarship – This scholarship is for qualified applicants who are interested in the $12,600 to $15,000 grant award in return for entering an alternative teacher preparation program and teaching at any high-need high school in a high-need district in Louisiana.

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