Louisiana Environmental Education Commission (LEEC)

Under the Direction of Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries (LDWF)


Application Deadline: March 15, 2013

Grants that are funded are based on sound scientific principles, have an environmental focus, and support efforts to increase public awareness and knowledge of the subject area.

Maximum award: $1200



  • Students attending Louisiana colleges or universities and who are working toward a Masters Degree, Ph.D., or conducting post Ph.D. research with a focus on environmental issues are eligible to apply on behalf of their school.
  • Research grants will be awarded to student’s college/university in single amounts not to exceed $1,200.00.
  • Research proposals that are funded must be based on sound scientific principles and have an environmental focus. Research involving environmental issues affecting Louisiana is preferred.
  • Grants must satisfy EPA’s definition of Environmental Education (EE): EE increases public awareness and knowledge about environmental issues and provides the skills necessary to make informed environmental decisions and to take responsible actions. EE is based on objective and scientifically-sound information and does not advocate a particular viewpoint or a course of action. EE teaches individuals how to weigh various sides of an issue through critical thinking and enhances their own problem solving and decision making skills on environmental topics.
  • All monies must be spent to support research and education. (The LEEC/LDWF will not provide indirect costs to universities or tuition fees.)
  • Funds may be used to purchase materials and/or equipment necessary to conduct research, provide travel and lodging to and from field sites during data collection, and satisfy the educational component associated with this grant.
  • Educational component: It is mandatory that a poster highlighting the results of the research be created for display at the 2014 Louisiana Environmental Education Symposium. In addition, awardees will be encouraged to attend the Symposium in order to showcase their project. Registration fees will be waived and lodging assistance may be provided for those who attend the symposium.
  • All research conducted must follow the college/university IRB guidelines to ensure compliance. A letter of recommendation from the student’s major professor must be included in the proposal.
  • If funded, students will be required to submit a mid-year report and a final report. All projects must be completed and the final report submitted by May 15, 2014. Instructions for submitting mid-year and final reports will be emailed prior to the deadlines. An expenditure spreadsheet, copies of invoices, and other related documentation must be provided with the final report.
  • Recipients, by law, will receive Tax form 1099 declaring receipt of these funds, unless the application is made through an agency, university, or foundation.
  • Members of the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission (LEEC) may not apply.
  • The LEEC/LDWF reserves the right to use the funded projects and photos provided for public information services that may include the LEEC/LDWF website, printed materials, and other means.
  • Announcement of awardees will be made no later than April 15, 2013. Awardees will be notified by mail and/or e-mail.
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines may disqualify the applicant from any future grants with the LEEC.




Questions? Contact Venise Ortego, Environmental Education Coordinator, at (337) 948-0255 or vortego@wlf.la.gov.